Transactions double posting and clearing on tipped entries

I'm having many transactions post and clear on pre-authorization before final totals come through.  For example, a restaurant posts as $20.xx then again as the amount with tips included.  It happens regardless if I let them post from being linked or I manually input.  I have tried it both ways. I also have issues with paychecks posting and showing as cleared before they're actually in my account.  My bank chooses to show them as available a few days before they're set to post.  

TLDR:  Is there a way to make sure I have to manually accept transactions and they don't auto clear when sync'd. 

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  • Hi Sky Blue Cyborg !

    Since we're only supposed to import transacts that have already cleared your bank, transactions that import from your bank are automatically marked as cleared - there isn't a way to change that setting.

    When you have a moment, can you use our form to report a Bank Importing Issue? Pending transactions aren't supposed to import and it sounds like they're importing while pending and then, again, once cleared. Once you submit that form, one of our Direct Import specialists can take a closer look at what's going on!

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