Checking and next month income

In checking at bank is 3,237.06 and in YNAB acct.  Next month income category is 2409.22. I did use a little of nmi to cover some category. 

When I send nmi to TBB should I do a inflow to make up for the 827.84 deference?   

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  • Well cant do a inflow it would mess up checking

  • No, you have just the money you have. You can budget $2409 in next months area. If that's not enough to fund the entire month, prioritize and fund the rest when you get more money. (Or cut expenses or both).

  • Everything has cleared. In the bank I have 3,237.06 to be budget. When I send 2409.22 to next month and budget that  what should be done with the 827.84 difference? Thanks for your reply.

  • Reecemj said:
    In the bank I have 3,237.06 to be budget

    No, you have 3237 in the bank. Some (maybe all, I can't tell) of that money already has a job (category). If TBB is zero right now, then the 827 already has jobs.

    When you move the INM money to TBB, then you can allocate that much. 

  • I haven't allocate any dollars category's at zero except INM. All bills clear. Am confuse maybe I need to do a fresh start for February. So what I have in reality in the bank matches Ynab TBB.    

  • Reecemj said:
    So what I have in reality in the bank matches Ynab TBB.    

    That is counter productive. You are supposed to make TBB $0.

    Have you looked at the Getting Started materials? (Main support page) YNAB is unlike the budgets most people are familiar with.

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      Thanks for your help. Maybe am not clear about whats going on. I'll start over, time to move on. I see you in a lot of threads around here. You know a lot about Ynab and a help to others. Staff member need to be beside you name.  

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