Using YNAB budget for both Personal & Business?

So I have one YNAB Budget for both our business and personal - anyone else going this?

If so, any tips on how to best organize categories, groups, etc?

My reasoning is I don't want to keep reverting back and forth between budgets, and just have a better picture of future budgeting with opening and using only one combined budget.

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  • A combined budget with a Business group works well, IMHO, for sole proprietorships or a rental property where you're going to be taxed on that income (or write off the loss) anyway. The advantage/disadvantage is it's easier to blur the line between what's business and what's personal.

    Standard workflow applies: bring in income categorized as TBB, possibly using the Payee to differentiate the money from the business. Budget where needed, including to the business categories. If you're making an attempt to be somewhat "standalone", make sure the budgeted rollup for the business group matches the business income. (Search for the relevant inflow transactions in All Accounts and use the "Selected Total" to get that income total.)

    If you're trying to ensure a separation of those funds, you'd do well to use separate accounts and separate budgets. It will be more obvious if the business is (or is not) standing on its own.

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  • I have two budgets, one for each.  It's not that hard to switch back and forth and it was much harder when I tried to budget them together.

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      PhysicsGal me too. Some one mentioned doing them together but it just didn't work for me to I separated them out again.

  • I agree with PhysicsGal . It gets a little too messy for me with one budget. I prefer to keep the bank accounts and budgets separate. Switching really is just a couple of clicks. But if you really prefer to only have one budget, dakinemaui makes some great suggestions. 

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  • I have separate budget accounts. I leave both of them open as individual pinned tabs in my browser. Switching back and forth is simply a matter or choosing a tab. 

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  • You can also open each tab in its own window in your browser and move them side by side on your screen, if looking at them both at once is helpful for you. 

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