AMEX CC, Available Payments, & Budget Don't Add Up

Summoning the YNAB gods. I am a long time YNAB user and either I'm losing my mind (quite possible) or something is off in YNAB. 


AMEX Credit Card is reconciled (also, I am so sick of amex issues). 

No red in the budget for Jan or Dec. 

Available payment for AMEX is significantly lower than the statement balance. I always pay off in full. The posted "credit spending since last payment" is significantly lower than the "available for payment." 

What gives?!

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  • Overspending on a credit card is not red. It's yellow. Did you look for that?

  • No yellow - all in the green. (my bad!)

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    • eloquentz
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    Go back to December. Is there anything yellow or red in December that is carrying over?

  • gahhh. I think I figured it out. Yellow from wayyy back in the summer when I had baby #3 and wasn't thinking straight.

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    • Tan Ink (63e958392a08) Glad that you tracked it down!

      Since you pay the card in full, budget directly to the Credit Card Payment category in January until the Available matches the balance owed on the card:


  • The Toolkit Extension can highlight when the CC Payment category doesn't match the account balance (Paid-in-full CC Assist). Alternatively, some people use a checking account to represent their PIF CC -- no Payment category means it will never be out of sync.

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