Getting back into it, canceling subscriptions...the little wins!

I jumped back into my YNAB budget after a year away today! I just started a new job that I think will be a good career move, but pays pennies. When I looked at my financial situation all laid out like that, I finally got off my tuchus and canceled some subscriptions I've been procrastinating on canceling! That will save me around $20/month, and I'm trying to decide whether to cancel a fitness subscription that I haven't been using too much ($13.99/mo).

Another big change in my budget this time is just linking my bank accounts, instead of mine and my partner's. I think it will be healthier in our relationship for me to focus on my own finances instead of trying to "fix" both of ours. 

I don't want to bite off more than I can chew just yet, but I'm hoping that I can still set aside some savings during this job so that I work on paying down my student loan debt. 

My non-YNAB little win at work has been getting up from my computer every hour or so to go outside. I hope my new coworkers enjoyed seeing me do a little jog around the building on my screen breaks! 

I hope everyone who's just getting started, sticking with it for the long haul, or starting back up again with their budget is having a great end to their week.

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