Overspent with positive accounts?

Hey everyone – so, I see the following in my budget

   I see 2 options to get out of this but none seems legit:

1. Top up any of my accounts for 20851 but since I already have some spare money why would I do that?

2. Forge a top up to a fake hidden account but this will contribute to my overall net worth which will differ from my real situation


I do have money, my credit card is not in debt, other accs are positive too.

It's kind of frustrating tbh, is there any suggestions how to make this go away?

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  • Having a negative To Be Budgeted is a result of one thing and one thing only: You have put more money in your categories than you have available in your accounts. As in your now have 14 611,75 + 20 851,49 in them when you actually only have 14 611,75 available in your accounts. This is a very bad thing. This means your budget is super unrealistic and you can't trust it to tell you if you actually can afford something or not.

    The only correct way to fix this is to take money AWAY from your categories until your TBB is back to 0. 

    YNAB is an envelope budget where you are only allowed to budget the money you have. If you had all your money as cash, this would mean you would create actual envelopes that you name to be stuff like rent, electricity, groceries, clothes, etc. and would put cash in those envelopes until you have none left. YNAB is just an electronic version of that. You can't put cash that doesn't exist into an envelope in the physical world so you shouldn't put money you don't have in your accounts into categories in YNAB either.

    I think you probably have to really read or watch videos on the methodology of YNAB. They have great written materials, videos and free workshops to learn how to budget the YNAB way.  To actually use this type of budget effectively you need to know what the methodology is on which it is built on.

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  • There’s a big difference between overspending and overbudgeting. This is overbudgeting. Rule #1: Give Every Dollar a Job. No more, no less. You’ve given 20 851,49 that you don’t have a job. Like Rakuna said, when you follow Rule 1 correctly, TBB will be 0.

    Here’s another link for you:


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