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Hi YNAB-ers! I admit that I am terrible at categorizing and approving transactions, however, once every 3 months I'll go and approve all transactions at once. Then I export an Income V Expenses Report. The issue is that when I export the report, it seems as if all my spending occurred ONLY during the first 2 months of that quarter and shows zero activity for the 3rd month. Have others had this issue? I'd appreciate some insights on why this is and how I can fix the issue so that the exported report accurately shows spending by month. Thank you and glad I found YNAB and this community!

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  • Stop approving transactions  every three months is the easiest answer.

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  • Reports key in on the transaction date. If there are no transactions dated in the third month, there will be no Activity (spending) in the IvE Report in that month.

  • Hi Cadet Blue Piccolo !

    How're you entering your transactions? If you're using direct import, transactions will only import up to a couple of months in the past, which might prevent transactions from appearing in the first month of the quarter. If you're not seeing transactions in the last month, I'd double check the dates of the transactions in the report. Are you seeing transactions from the third month appear in the second month? Are you trying to import transactions from a file with a given date range?

    Let me know and we can go from there!

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