Reconciling credit card does not affect "To be budgeted"

I just reconciled a credit card that was off by £1.36 (I had spent £1.36 less than I thought). I would expect this to add £1.36 to "To be budgeted". How come this doesn't happen?

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  • Inflowing to TBB in a credit card lowers the credit card balance, but does not make changes to the credit card payment category. If the payment category is now too high you can move the money elsewhere in your budget.

  • Because credit card amounts only get budgeted to TBB when the account value is positive. If you have the 1.36 extra in your payment for the credit card (same column as "available"), you can make the xfer yourself. But if you pay the card in full, you want to make sure that 1.36 is really extra - the absolute value of your payment should be 1.36 more then the absolute value of your debt/balance on the card. 

  • Thanks for the replies! I think I see the credit card account balance doesn't match the "available" balance on the category for my credit card. In fact it looks like my available is waaay higher.

    After some research it sounds like there's a number of reasons that can happen and I'm pretty sure I've committed most of the sins on that list! 

    To clarify, if my available in the CC category doesn't match the account balance am I safe to move that money around until the 2 match?

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      • Bruce
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      Bert yes, move money (to or from) in order to make the two match. 

  • Thanks Bruce

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