New format is the last straw for me!

Opened the budget this morning to find that I have on the one hand overassigned my budget and can't do anything until I fix it; on the other hand, I apparently have some massive amount of money that has been assigned. I couldn't care less about that. I would like to have a choice of how I run YNAB. The only thing for me to do now is to start over. My question - for the budget up to now, can I open and save n the old format, or is that all gone. If the latter, then count me out as a YNAB user. I've had it. Each time you make so-called "improvements", it takes another degree of choice away from me. Give me back YNAB 4, where I could decide how to do my budget - it worked beautifully for me. All these bells and whistles have just taken away MY CHOICES in budgeting!!!

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  • Luckily you still own ynab 4 if you owned it before.

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  • Although I'm not sure what you mean.  Seems everything works pretty much the same just with new labels.  What choice exactly has been taken away from you?

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  • I think for all intents and purposes the 'old' format is gone, although I don't really notice a big difference other than the visual appearance of the budget. That could be because I'm pretty new to YNAB though. The only real difference I can tell is 'to be budgeted' is now called 'to be assigned,' and the available in July info has moved to the side. I haven't really taken a good look at it yet though.

    [Also, If you click on the auto-assign drop down, there's the button to 'reduce overfunding.' Is this what you're talking about when you say overassigned? I know you said you didn't care about it but I didn't know if that might be helpful for you so I included it in my comment.]

  • Hi Hot Pink Nomad ! That does sound alarming! Nothing in the recent updates changes the choices you have around which money is in which category, so I'm wondering what else might be going on there. Reaching out to you via email to see if we can get that sorted out!

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  • one post, "last straw" and no reply.....

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