Next web vs. mobile question...

So my mobile app (android) gives me a GIANT WARNING at the top of my budget if I have an overspent category.  I didn't poke at it too hard, but I didn't see a way to dismiss it without fixing the overspending. (Which... had been my plan in the first place, so wasn't an issue.)

As far as I can tell, the web app doesn't do that. A) Am I missing something? and B) If I'm not missing something, why doesn't the web app do that?

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  • The mobile app has to work on a much smaller screen real estate for your phone, so a lot of things are condensed, for instance the red overfunding or green surplus becomes a "block" at the top of your budget. Technically, the web app is showing you the same information - it will just be red at the top (no text saying overbudgeting), but until you fix the overspending it will be red. 

    Mobile and web take different design approaches because they are different. 

    There is software that lets you write apps that appear very much the same between mobile and desktop, but I don't think that's what the YNAB team is using to develop their apps with. 

    You might sign up for the YNAB labs beta, it is a bit closer to the current YNAB because it was designed that way. 

    • Slate Blue Pilot (2903ac015cdb) The warning I'm talking about isn't the TBB. I get a red dot on the budget icon at the bottom (not something replicable in the web app, I presume), and a blue box with a text warning: "1 Overspent Category Needing Adjustments."

      I get that the mobile and web apps are different, but that warning is really helpful in the event I don't realize I overspent something. I've not seen a similar calls-attention-to-overspending in the web version, and while I wouldn't expect it to be identical, I do expect *some* kind of similar notification. Hence the asking if I'm missing something, because I've not seen it. 

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      Fuzzball Meows no, there's not a similar banner for overspending in the web version. I wish there was because I also prefer how the mobile app handles "cover this overspending with...".

      I guess they assume with the added real estate of the web version you can see the overspent red and yellow Available bubbles at a glance (or close to, with a few scrolls of the mouse wheel) and don't need the banner warning. 

    • Fuzzball Meows Yeah I agree. I see what you are talking about. 

      I know in the YNAB beta they are simplifying the names of things and I assume at some point they will be moving that into the production version. Perhaps they will add in the banner text as you say. 

      I think the YNAB toolkit offers the alert you are looking for, or a more visible warning of overspending. I'm sure that might be adapted soon. 

  • Fuzzball Meows said:
    As far as I can tell, the web app doesn't do that. A) Am I missing something?

    In the web app, when overspending occurs a notice pops up in the Available column. There's no analogous "Hi! You overspent a category!" warning like there is in the mobile app at this point unless cash overspending isn't covered and the month rolls over with an insufficient amount to cover the overspending in To Be Budgeted.

    Right now, for cash overspending, the Available turns red like this in the web app:

    For credit overspending, the Available shows a yellow bubble, with an exclaiming credit card:

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