Heatmap for YNAB

I hope this is the right place to post this. I've created an additional report that you can use with your YNAB account using their API. It displays your YNAB transactions in a heatmap style to get a bird's eye view of your budget.


If you'd like to check it out, its available at Heatmap for YNAB


My wife and I have been using YNAB for a couple of years and I enjoy seeing reports that display all my hard earned work using the program. The more reports the better I say. After seeing the simple heatmap of income/expense on Financier, I was inspired to create a fun heatmap report. I don't get a lot of opportunities to code at my work so I also wanted a personal programming project to learn some new things so I created this. Its been approved by the YNAB API team and is listed on their API page. Hope you enjoy!


A few things to note about it:


* This doesn't work on mobile devices. I figured the audience for linking with the API was limited to desktop users mostly. If there is enough interest, I'll look at adapting it to mobile.

* I'm colorblind so I had to enlist my wife to help with the colors. Hopefully everything easily distinguishable but if not I added an option to change the colors.

* I'm open to feedback! Let me know if there is anything additional you'd like to see or there is an area for improvement.

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  • BriceWebDev

    Hi, this is really exciting, thank you for sharing.

    Can I please ask how you are treating split transactions? I ask because I could not reconcile some of the data and found that if I look at Groceries for Dec-21 the total shown only seems to include values that are not within a split transaction.

    I have a personal project which is not getting very far, I have this idea that I am going to produce a companion app for my Mac that will show me the balance forecast for my current account, one day perhaps.

    Thank you for your help


    Regards, Ian. 

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    • iwaddo Thanks for checking it out and finding that issue! It should be fixed now.

      Not sure if this is the best method but I have it running two loops. The main loop looks at all the transactions and if there is a flag on the transaction that says it is a split transaction, it loops through all the subtransactions in that split. The subtransaction doesn't have all the data the main one does so you have to supply some additional info when doing checks to see if the transaction should be stored or not. I forgot to add this in when I did some refactoring awhile back which caused them to not show.

      Hope you get your project up and going! This took about a year off an on. My wife and I had a baby in the middle of the year and I stayed home a bit which prompted me to start working on it again. That one day could be here before you know it!

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      • iwaddo
      • iwaddo77
      • 4 wk ago
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      Hi, that was quick thank you. It is adding up my Groceries in the splits now :-)

      All the best

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  • OOo that's fun!!! Thanks for sharing this!!

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    • farfromtheusual  Thanks for checking it out! Glad you like it.

  • Just gave this a go and it's really impressive - hadn't considered viewing my budget as a heat map but it works very well and has uncovered some interesting trends - great work! 🙂

    Mini rant: It does frustrate me that I have to rely on brilliant third party innovations such as this and the YNAB toolkit to get the most out of YNAB.  I appreciate that there's a 'danger' of feature creep, but rolling out more advanced features and options is somewhat expected given the move to an (ever more expensive) SaaS model.

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    • Falco Lombardi  Thank you for the kind works and checking it out! Its nice to know that people are finding it useful. Getting that bird's eye view of your budget makes for some interesting insight for sure. 

      You make some good points. I get that YNAB can't just keep making a ton of new things as I imagine they don't have a large team compared to other software companies but it would be cool to have something to encourage development with the API. Some sort of 'third party store' where average users can easily connect to third party apps and rate them. That would help with a sort of 'outsourcing' for a lot of demanded content. Maybe a yearly awards to those that are developing new content with fun merch and yearly subscriptions to keep developers engaged.

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  • WOW! That is extremely cool! I like the "Monthly" and "Days of the Month" views. Still wishing YNAB would have a calendar in the app so that as we add recurring transactions in our check or credit card registers, perhaps I would know not to spend $ on the days when a lot of money is supposed to hit my accounts. Wishful thinking!

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      • iwaddo
      • iwaddo77
      • 3 wk ago
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      I would love a future balance report based on a calendar of my scheduled transaction, however, I doubt that YNAB will never have a calendar or future forecast as it goes again the YNAB method and would encourage people to budget against the future - hopefully I am wrong.

      Currently, because I am fortunate and have more than one-month in-hand I use Enter Now on all my scheduled transactions due in the next few weeks that repeat less that monthly then change the date back to the scheduled date which allows me to use the Running Balance to see a more accurate forecast.

      I have submitted a request to have an option on Enter Now to enter the transaction but keep the scheduled date. This would allow me to separate the next scheduled transaction from the schedule so I can adjust its value independently of the schedule. I use this where the value is not the same every month.

      YNAB is the best tool to help those that really need a budget but not so good for people that have money in-hand and are more interested in tracking and reporting on their spending.

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    • Shara Glad you like it and thanks for checking it out! I only had a couple of tabs at first but I decided to add in a bunch so everyone had a lot of options to find a tab or two they liked best.

      I was also thinking how nice a calendar view would be within YNAB but I know it probably goes against their method and what they are trying to achieve. I think thats why it would be great to have more encouragement to developers and something easy for users to access who want to add more to their YNAB that YNAB themselves may not want to develop. Something like "YNAB Extras" where users can browse third party apps with ratings/comments and YNAB can put some kind of disclaimer like "Check out this cool stuff the community has made but keep in mind that it may not follow the YNAB method."

    • iwaddo I agree with this. I was actually thinking of developing something kinda similar for my next project. We decided to have my wife stay home with the baby instead of working which changed our finances. Major changes in finances with forecasting what your future would look like is difficult with YNAB as there isn't a way to quickly see how things will look down the road. Age of money is there but it doesn't tell me much or allow me to manipulate it things to forecast. My idea was to have an income and expense section and a section that says based on that, you'll make it to such and such date if your expense are greater than your income or you are good for the future if your income exceeds your expense. Would have the option to add additional incomes if you are thinking of a side gig like my wife who is making t-shirts on the cricut or expenses if you think there will be something like a medical bill. It would just be nice to see your budget from a high level view and quickly play around to see what you can do to be healthy financially.

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      • iwaddo77
      • 3 wk ago
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      BriceWebDev This would be good to see, but my initial requirement is much simpler, I just want to be able to see the future balance of an account, typically my current\checking account for the next few weeks. Once the scheduled transactions have been obtained the math is not so hard. 

      This all started for me when I did not want to carry too much money in my current account so I would move surplus into savings then back again to pay the bills - these days it is not so important as there is no interest to be earned but old habits die hard. Also, my money does not feel so safe in my current account as it does in a savings account.

      I look forward to watching and benefiting from the development of your solution.


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