2022 Age Of Money Challenge 馃挼

Hello, 2022! The AoM challenge has been happening for several years, so why stop now?! 馃槈


  1. Choose a day every month that you will post your AOM to the google spreadsheet (link below). 
  2. Be consistent on the day that you have chosen to post your AOM. (Your metrics will not help you or provide you with useful data if you are not consistent.)
  3. Post your AOM.
  4. Comment below that you have updated the spreadsheet.
  5. If you want, you may post a screenshot of your AOM. This will be fun and will help keep the thread alive. It's not required however.
  6. Try to keep the thread on topic.

Cheating is posting a number that is not your actual AOM, or changing your number because your AOM increased the following day.

We are following the honor system. 

You do not need to cheat, but if you do, everyone will ask how you've become so awesome with money and then you'll have to live with yourself. It only hurts you.

Question about the spreadsheet, or you find errors in the formulas, just let me know in the thread below.


If you've stumbled upon this post and wondering what AoM is, I encourage you to visit this helpful article: https://docs.youneedabudget.com/article/199-aging-your-money. 馃槉

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  • I'm going to play again this year. Last year, I was doing really well until I got hit with a HUGE unplanned expense ($17,000). It was still a YNAB win because I was able to cover almost all of it -- I still owe $2000, without completely falling apart. But my AOM took a big hit. 

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  • Yay and thank you!!!

  • I've claimed line 6! Ended 2021 with 93 AOM and and 107 DOB. In 2022, I'm expecting to pay a big chunk of money that I've been saving, so I know my AOM will take a hit and I'm looking forward to seeing how I can bounce back!

  • Happy New Year and thank you for continuing this challenge!  I've updated the spreadsheet and will continue to do so on the first of every month.  Good luck everyone!

  • It seems I'm going to join all the challenges this year 馃槃

    I was kind of sad when I did the reset last year for the 34 day challenge, as it broke my age of money streak. Let's see this year how long I can make it. I'm aiming for a full year! I'm #11

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