Credit card accounts turned yellow?!

Everything was green. Got a YNAB notice to refresh. I refreshed. Now, in my credit card account registers, my payment shows as yellow though they were all green moments before.

I pay the statement balance every month. Every purchase is budgeted. There is nothing but green on my budget screen. The amount budgeted for the cards matches the current total balance.

What happened?

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  • Same here. Same circumstances as yours. It happened with the last refresh. /smh

  • So glad I changed my credit card accounts to checking accounts. It has been bliss ever since.

  • I'm much happier now.

    Refresh taketh away, but Refresh also giveth back.

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    • Habanero Salsa Sorry about that! Our latest refresh caused a hiccup with the colors in the budget. Should be all set now - sorry for the scare! :)

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