Payee Name import (Mobil app)

Many of my transactions are imported with an odd prefix before the actual Payee name....see attached image. This becomes a problem in the Mobil App (Android) as I am unable to see who the Payee is. I need to login to my bank or YNAB on a computer to see the name. Does this happen to anyone else? Anything I can do to resolve this? 


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  • Orange Robot Oof! Payees can be a maze - I'm sorry you're running into these long ones! I wanted to let you know that at this point, there isn't a way to view more of the payee name in the mobile app - just in the web app, as you mentioned you've been doing!

    That said, YNAB will remember the payees your edit on mobile and automatically rename them for future imported transactions – as long as the original payee is an exact match! Additionally, if you're able to enter transactions on mobile as they happen, then the imports will match right up with those - preserving the payee you'd added manually and helping you avoid the dreaded check on your bank's website.

    I know those aren't perfect solutions, but I hope they help in the meantime! Our design team is aware of this limitation, and working on improving this, too. Let us know if you have other questions about this - we'll be happy to help however we can! 

    • Rachel Thanks for the reply. Are you suggesting that if I change the Payee name and enter a new name as just the Payee, that YNAB will start to recognize it and may import future transactions with just the Payee name? There isn't a way to actually edit the name (like edit the text to delete the mumbojumbo) is there? I guess if there was, that would allow me to see the name as I edit. 

      I do try to enter transactions as they occur, but unfortunately that isn't always possible and I haven't gotten my wife onboard to do that yet.

    • Orange Robot You've got it! If you update the payee in the mobile app, YNAB will remember that the next time the same long payee imports, and automatically rename it. 

      You're right though - you can't just delete that mumbojumbo at the beginning. You'll need to enter the payee entirely, or select it from the list.

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