Budget and account balance aren’t matching

Hi, I can not make my budget and available balance for my bank account balance to match and I have no idea how to fix it. 
To be budgeted is of negative balance. I’m all set to zero for everything has as I’m new and just starting out. 
my account balance has $6.32 in it. I can’t fix the negative balance as I have nothing to cover it with ? 

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  • Your budget is the sum of all your budget accounts. If your To be Budgeted is negative, then you budgeted more than you have. You need to stop at 0. This is Rule #1: Give Every Dollar a Job (but no more).

  • Yea I absolutely understand that, hence my confusion and frustration. 

    the money I have in my budget, is what matches my account exactly. I have no idea where the negative has come from and no way to rectify it, as If correct it then the money doesn’t match what’s in my account ?

  • You need to actually Reconcile that bank account - using a Reconciliation Adjustment has made your TBB go negative. Delete those two Adjustment entries. Begin at the date you started using YNAB and make sure that every transaction in your actual bank account is included in your YNAB bank account (starting with the beginning balance). When you're done the balances should match.


    • Periwinkle Flute Thanks for sharing this information. I am also facing the same problem, this will help me a lot!!

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