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I recently set up a "holidays" Category Group to plan for all our upcoming camping trips (there are quite a few, Year of the Staycation and all that...).

It looks a bit like this:

1. Travel

2. <camping trip A>

3. <camping trip B>


Currently I have goals set for each of the "camping trip x"  categories, based on my estimated costs (fuel, pitch fees, trips out etc).  Some of these trips require deposits to be paid or tickets to be bought in advance.  Currently when that happens I'm moving money out of these categories into my "Travel" category and allocating the spend to that category.  This keeps each sub-category clean for an eventual deletion (when the trip is finished) but the downside is I have to keep readjusting the goals downwards to reflect that some of the budgeted costs have already been paid. 

I guess the alternative would be just to allocate the spending transaction to the "trip" category, but I'm worried this means I won't be able to delete it later as there will be transactions that would be 'orphaned' if I did. 

Is there a "best way" to organise this?


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    This is the official YNAB how-to on Merging/Deleting categories:

    It looks like if you choose to delete a category that already has expense transactoins categorized to it, YNAB will prompt you to re-categorize those purchases, and also moves the available funds to the new category.

    So if you spend against your Budgeted TRIP A, then try to delete that category, you should be able to move both the expenses and available funds to "Travel".  Haven't tried it in real life, but you could create some dummy spends and see how it works.  Hit undo if anything goes wonky...

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