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When I transfer money from one account to another, the inflow on my YNAB is not allowing me to categorize the inflow.  As a result, I don't think it is getting in my 'To be budgeted' box. For my deposit/transfer, under 'Category', it states: 'category not needed'.   On the right column that gives a synopsis of activity and budgeting, my 'Total inflows' is listed as $0 although I have made two transfers into the account. What am I missing here?

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  • Income is money coming into your system from the outside, e.g., a paycheck, gifted money, reimbursement, etc. A transfer between two accounts on your budget is simply moving the money from your back pocket to your front pocket.  So if you have $100 in account A, that's the same as having $100 in you back pocket. If you transfer $10 to account B, you merely took that money out of your back pocket and put it in your front pocket.


    There are a couple of blog posts on this that also explain it; I'll try to find them and link them here. Or someone else will most likely.


    ETA: here's one https://www.youneedabudget.com/the-relationship-between-your-budget-your-accounts-its-complicated/

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    • Fuzzball Meows Thanks for your feedback and help.  I appreciate it!  What I left out was that I have two budgets, one for personal and one for business but my ledger in personal shows my total  accounts.  Anyhow, I had not categorized the money correctly and so it was just showing as a transfer and the money was not getting into the TBB.  It was showing in my overall account balances.  I write this follow up in case someone else is dealing with the same issue as these forums are helpful.  I re-categorized the money I transferred and it showed up in my TBB. 

  • Yep, transferring funds between two budget accounts does not require a category as you are just moving money around within the budget and is not a budgeting activity. Those funds have already been through To be budgeted.

  • (If you are moving money from or to a tracking account, then it is going in or out of your budget, so it needs a category or into TBB, the tracking account is not in your budget, and you are moving it to an account that is within your budget, so it needs to be in your budget one way or another.)

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    • Cirrus Hi and thank you! I have two budgets, one for  business and one for my personal expenses.  I do have a label/category for this money that I move from business to personal. essentially paying myself.  I didn't label the money correctly and it just showed as a transfer so it didn't get into my TBB envelope in my personal budget.  Whew!  Was ready to blow the whole thing up and start over as I knew the numbers were not adding up. In the process, I figured out how to re-assign a category after it has been assigned, thanks!

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