Is it necessary to go back to fill past months' budgets?

I've been a YNAB 4 user for years.  I finally moved to the online YNAB version a couple of weeks ago.  However, for a variety of reasons although I've tracked all my spending and my bank account reconciliations are up-to-date, I haven't kept the budget updated each month.  So, my question I need to go back and fill in the budget for previous months or just start now for July 2020 and then continue each month?

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  • Hi Lisa !

    There's no need to go back to fill out the budget for previous months. A good budget is a forward looking budget - start today and leave the past behind you. :)

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  • As long as your own OCD will allow it, it's not necessary. Any the impact of overspending carries forward (either by reducing the following month's To Be Budgeted/TBB or an increased gap between CC Payment Available and debt owed). It's also typically more work, as reallocating to cover past overspending can cause additional overspending in successive months.

    Focus on the current month, make sure there are no red categories (or TBB), and shift money around between categories until you're satisfied with the balances moving forward. Be careful if you've budgeted in next month's area since the future TBB may be red but you won't see that when looking at the current month.

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  • Nope! 

  • Thank you all!!!

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