Goal for constant cushion?

I have a "Stuff I Forgot" category that I would like to keep $100 in all the time.  That is, I have $100 in it now, and if I spend or WAM any of it I want it to turn yellow right away (as an unmet goal) to remind me to top it off from the next paycheck, and if it is less than $100 when the month rolls over it should be yellow in the new month.  Do any of the goals act like that?

Target Balance By Date due the current month does it for now, but it disappears when the month rolls over.

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  • Target balance no date should do what you want, I believe.

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      • No more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars
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      Move Light Sound Life Target Balance No Date doesn't go yellow, though. It's always green unless it's $0 (unless you have the toolkit "turn unmet goals blue" option enabled).

      Target Balance with Date 10 years in the future might do the trick, though. 

    • Vibrant Good point. I forgot about the Toolkit's effects on that.  It also wouldn't give an automatic quick budget amount.

  • Monthly spending goal of $100. Sadly, it will only consider carryover AFTER the month changes *in the real world*. If you normally budget next month early, it will budget too much for that category.

    (You might make a feature request to make it work immediately, like EVERYTHING else in YNAB.)

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  • I think Needed for spending by date with a repeat every month would probably work as it will repeat same each month and keep alerting you when you are under that amount.

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