Its not working for me, what do I do if failing with budget?

I have been using YNAB for a while, I do struggle with the credit card part but I have always had money Ie in spending money to pay off payment.

Fast forward I have budgeted for upcoming payments in categories but the total amount in accounts does not total a payment due this month, so my question is  if accounts are reconciled and are right where have I gone wrong? I know this is a question of how long is a piece of string but this is the second time this has happened now and although I know it will be something I have done but Im losing trust in YNAB.   Any advice of where to start  looking at my errors would be really appreciated

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  • Start with this:

    Since your account balances agree with the real world AND there is no red categories or TBB, then you have all the money your categories say you do. If you want more money in a particular account, then just move some from some other account.

    Tip: the running balance (and scheduled transactions) makes it trivial to see if you need more in your checking account.

  • If I'm understanding correctly....if you budget all your money to your categories, you don't have enough left over to pay your credit card? Sounds like a) you aren't managing your credit card correctly in YNAB ("always had money left in spending money to make the payment") and b) you're on the credit card float:

  • Snowball70 said:
     the total amount in accounts does not total a payment due this month

     Do you mean the payment due per the statement?

  • Assuming that there is sufficient budgeted for an expense, the way YNAB handles it is very elegant. You do not need to budget separately for the payment for the expense to the credit card. YNAB handles that automatically. It does get more complex if you are using a card that also has an existing balance that you are working on paying off over time. In that case I recommend getting a new separate credit card that is paid off as expenses occur and leave the credit card with a balance as a debt payment to be made. 

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