Activity balance does not reflect transactions for this month

I can't understand why the Activity column for a couple of my credit card accounts does not reflect transactions made this month on those accounts.  See the example above. I'd have expected that the "Activity" amount would be -$875.00 for my Amex.  But it's $0.00.

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  • The left side of that table is from the account perspective. The right is from the budget perspective. You didn't have funds Available in the Business Ex... category, so there was nothing to move into the category. Thus, no activity.

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  • If this is for work reimbursement, you should look at these docs. It appears you're trying to do the second approach discussed there. To summarize what happens with that "temporary debt" approach, you don't budget to the category, so there won't be activity in the CC Payment category. No money is reserved toward payment because you haven't been reimbursed yet. :-)

    When you're reimbursed, you may or may not have to manually move funds to the CC Payment category. The easy to remember rule: if the Business Expenses category turns green, move those funds to the relevant CC Payment category. That's all there is to it. This covers all the cases, including the ones the documentation mentioned (Step 2 and 3) and some it didn't.

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