Credit Card Payment From Non-YNAB Business Checking Account Is Messing Up My To Be Budgeted

Hi all.  I was unable to find an answer to this in the forum.

I have a linked USAA Checking Account and a linked AMEX Card.  This month, I accidentally paid my AMEX Card via my business checking account, which is not in my YNAB budget in any fashion (on or off budget).

When the AMEX payment was downloaded to YNAB, it recorded the payment as coming from my USAA Checking.  This, consequently, reduced my To Be Budgeted amount.  After doing some research, I entered a transaction in my AMEX, transferring the amount back to my Main Checking.  I thought this was, functionally, correcting YNAB error.

Now, though, when I go to reconcile my USAA Checking, it shows that I'm off by the *exact* amount of this AMEX payment.

I'm really confused by this.  Someone help please.

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  • Delete the transaction in the checking account. On the credit card, the external payment should be categorized to TBB.

  • Thanks.  Maybe I did something wrong, but, the reason I initially added that transaction is because the AMEX payment reduced by amont in TBB.

    But, I what you're saying seems to makes sense.

    • A & K Have you removed that transaction yet? If you hover over the payee, what does it say for "Imported As..." for the payment from the USAA Checking and Business accounts?

      You can prevent that from happening by entering the transfer when you schedule the payment. Then, when the payment is imported, it will match right up with the one you entered! And delete the extra transaction. Don't forget to reconcile your accounts too!

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