Unexpected Refund + Unexpected Positive Balance in my CC Account. Help!

Dear YNAB community, 

I am stuck! Please help. 

I recently joined YNAB a few weeks and I am LOVING the experience so, after years of dealing with MoneyMinder, an antiquated, pre-YNAB software for the OG money coaches out there. 

Here's the twofold issue I am struggling to figure out, after I received an airline refund that I purchased long before I was YNAB user.

Not only do I have a refund that I cannot track back to and link to the original purchase, but I have a positive balance in my credit card. I am not sure what to do. Any help for an eager novice looking to master this beautiful software would be so appreciated!

Many, many thanks in advance to the patient souls out there :) 


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  • Refunds should always be categorized back to the original category. In this case, that outflow is/was part of the starting balance, so categorize the inflow to Inflow: To Be Budgeted.

    The positive balance is considered cash (don't have to pay it back, right?) and is part of the money in the budget. The To Be Budgeted value would have been increased, so just make a plan for that money as well (Rule 1 -- Give Every Dollar a Job).

    Until the balance is back to "normal" (negative), just think of this card as a debit card drawing from a second checking account.

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      dakinemaui Thank you! Makes sense to me. Appreciate it. 

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