Is YNAB usable by Aussies now?

YNAB4 fan here, migrated to YNAB online when it was first released years. Stopped budgeting soon after due to too many major bugs in YNAB online and lacking basic features and it was just too hard to use with being in Australia.

Started budgeting again recently using YNAB 4, but can't workout how to handle credit cards and all support has been deleted.

Just wondering if YNAB online works better now? I don't need automatic bank account syncing, but need to be able to manually upload the QFX file. Does this feature exist now? 

Price is over the top after conversion to AUD, but could wear it if the product funtions. It didn't properly function when first released.

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  • Yes, qfx format imports in nYNAB.

    YNAB4 credit card handling: the pre-YNAB Debt category balance is your desired debt after your payment. Budget to change it. Pay the difference between category and account balances (or the statement balance if that's less). Paid-in-full status has a debt category balance of $0.

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  • The CC handling is the biggest change in nYNAB. The category represents the amount reserved for payment rather than the post-payment debt. There are more warnings when you're doing something you shouldn't (e.g., sending the CC company more than you should).

    The other potential advantage for a non-US user is the access from any computer.

    The new handling is worth the price for some.  Others prefer YNAB4. See what you think and make an informed decision.

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