I've been using my CashApp for risky overseas purchases and also have one for buisness purchases.

Has anyone successfully attached one of these accounts to YNAB?

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  • Hi Silver Ink !

    Cash App isn't currently a supported financial institution. If you try to add it in the app, it'll let our import partner know you'd like to have the option to connect to that account. We can't promise if or when they'll add additional connections, but it puts it on the list of possibilities.

    In the meantime, try File-Based Import (in the web app), which allows you to drag and drop a file of transactions from your bank into YNAB.

    Whether you're using Direct Import or importing a file, it's still best to enter transactions right away, that way you can always trust your budget. Many YNABers even prefer actively entering transactions as it gives you a lot more awareness of your spending.

    It's also faster than you might expect, because you can use scheduled transactions for recurring expenses (rent and utility bills) and the mobile app for recording spending on-the-go (gas and groceries). You can still import transactions, because YNAB will know to match them up with the ones you entered and add those you may have missed.

    Still, we know Direct Import can be a big factor in budgeting decisions. We'd love to hear what ends up working best for you!

  • I would just like to second the desire to have Cash App as a direct import capability, not only for cash balances, but also for tracking BTC balances.

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  • I would like to also vote for a CashApp connector. This is becoming a real pain to manually enter transactions. I don't want to use a credit card but I also don't want to put my debit card at risk. Please oh please add this financial institution especially now that nobody wants to handle cash and digital money is preferred. Also, Thank You ALL!!!

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  • Another vote for Cash App. This is how my partner and I split finances and I need to account for this money and these transactions more easily

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  • Another yes for CashApp

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  • Hey guys, I wrote myself an BTC and ETH balance synchronization tool which basically gets the balance of my wallet, applies the exchange rates and then sends the new balance as a transaction to YNAB.

    It is made with YNABs Developer integration API and is therefore usable for everyone. If you wanna give it a try, would be nice! You just need the address of you wallet and that's it

  • Apparently CashApp is supported now. I was just able to successfully link my account and download transactions.

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    • Ryan A Glad to hear you were able to connect! 🎉  This thread is an older one from spring 2020. Progress can be made as our import partners continue to work on a connection or in this case—add support for a new financial institution.

      For anyone else who comes across this thread, if you’re having trouble getting connected, please fill out this form. Our Direct Import team will be happy to help!

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