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One of my checking accounts has a negative balance. It's not a credit card account, just a regular account with on overdraft authorization on it, that went negative just this month. YNAB automatically categorize this "Starting Balance" as an "inflow:to be budgeted", but it's none of that. It's just an checking account with a negative balance What would the community recommend in this case? Thanks! 

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  • The category is still TBB, but the amount should be in the outflow column to give the correct account balance. Since negative cash isn't a thing, this will offset some of your real cash. If you still have enough funds within the budget to plan your upcoming spending, then you're done. Just use it as is (with the correct balance, of course).

    If you expect to leave this account in overdraft and want to plan purchases using that yet-to-be-extended credit, you'll need some additional setup to allow that. This is going well outside of what YNAB recommends, so unless you absolutely need to plan with credit, the first setup is probably best.

  • Thanks. Actually the problem is that when I look at my reports, I see an "income" of - 480$ for this month on that account, even though it was just the starting balance of that particular account  when it was added to YNAB (and not an income). Any ideas how to correct that? Of course I can just ignore it, but it would nicer to have a clear view of what was my exact income this month. All the best.

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      Dan Ignore it. It is actually the truth. You had a shortage thus far when you brought that account into the budget. "Income" is not equivalent to "paycheck". It is merely money that "comes in" to the budget.

      If it bothers you, you can back-date the starting transaction to May 31 so June isn't "corrupted". (The same can be done for any starting balance.) Note there may be complications if you Direct Import; nothing a tweak to the starting balance wouldn't fix, but it is something you might have to do.

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  • Ok! thanks. All the best

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