Recurring Annual Target Date Goal?

I have several Target Date goals in a Category Group that I call "Annual Expenses." In this group are things like annual insurance premiums, credit card membership fees, Amazon Prime payment, and my YNAB subscription fee. In short, these are fees that I pay once per year, but I want to have their balance saved up over 12 months so it's ready to go when the time comes.

As these expenses come due, the Goal I established passes, and it reverts to a budget category with no goal. What I'm wondering is if there's a way to have a recurring Target Date goal that's set for "Each year on April 1st" or something like that. Is this possible in YNAB, or do I need to manually reset my goals the month after paying the balance?

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  • Rumor is they are working on implementing that, but it's manual at present. You're spot on that it has to be renewed in next months area, something that trips up many new users.

  • I had hoped that the new goals - in particular, the recurring "Needed for Spending" goal - would allow this behavior. It does not. It seems that if they can have recurring Needed for Spending by Target Date goals, the machinery should be in place to apply the same feature for Savings Balance goals. 


    My favorite feature of YNAB is the help it gives me in smoothing my expenses over time. Eliminating foreseeable expenditure shocks, such as annual fees, can still be accomplished by manually setting a monthly funding amount, but the target date approach would allow us to "Roll with the Punches" along the way. 

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    A Spend By goal is identical to a Save By goal if you don't actually spend anything... with the added bonus that it can repeat.

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    • dakinemaui It's just not very reliable because if for any reason money is accidentally spent or transferred from that category, you'll end up with less than your goal at the end of the year (and the whole time YNAB was telling you your savings were on track because of the amount you 'funded' into the category... this happened to me and it's no fun for annual expenses).

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