Total Inflow does not equal uncategorized inflow

My uncategorized inflow for April is £1788.08, but in budget view on the right side my Total Inflow is £2322.85.  I think the difference is down to three categorized inflow transactions that come to a total of £534.77, but why is this?  I have other categorized inflow transactions that have not been added to the Total Inflow.  I thought Total Inflow meant all the money going in that is not categorized

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  • All money should be categorized. Why is it uncategorized?

  • Every transaction, including inflows, should be categorized. New money should be categorized as Inflow:To Be Budgeted. Returns or refunds should be categorized to the same category as the original outflow (which makes the net spending $0).

  • I have been told by YNAB  not to categorize income.  I have six transactions that make up my income that is not for a specific expense.  How would I categorize these?

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      Beige Wrench It’s initially categorized as To Be Budget and then from there you should budget it into individual budget categories until TBB is $0.

  • Hey Beige Wrench ! This article on Totals in the Inspector mentions how each of the numbers in the right column is calculated.

    Total Inflows is sum of all transactions in cash, checking, and savings accounts categorized as Inflow : To be Budgeted in the current month. So once you categorize those, you'll see the number update!

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