Creating only savings budget for my friend

Hi everyone,

I'm living together with my best friend and her wife and I would really like her to dip her toes into budgeting. However she has a hard time sticking to things if things move too fast and I know she will struggle with entering daily transactions (and she'd have to since we're in Europe, so no bank import) so a full YNAB budget right from the start is pretty much out of the question, she'd drop it in no time and she will feel like I pressured her into something that she feels is hard to manage.

The Idea that came to my mind is that I'll offer her to create "half" a budget for her just for her savings account, to get her started. This would be low volume in regards of transactions, so easy to complete and catch up on even weeks later, and I know she has a considerable amount saved including from her wedding last year and she has been talking about a few goals she wants that money to do. This balance could be put into categories nicely so she can see how far she'll get in each of her goals and how much more she must save.

I feel like this kind of "half budget" would work for her for the beginning because I know she's not struggling with keeping up with her spending from checking. I've been sitting down with her a few times to help her get an overview of monthly and true expenses and she's got a firm grip on those.

Do you think this "half budget" would be a good idea as a starting point to get her more comfortable with the concept of a zero based budget, with entering transactions and with giving money jobs?

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  • Seems reasonable to me.

    It's going to get a little tricky when she makes a savings-related purchase without transferring funds from the savings account. It's kind of tedious to insist on doing that every single time. When she realizes that, perhaps that's the time to bring checking into the budget as well.

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  • dakinemaui said:
    Seems reasonable to me.

     I agree. 

    Peter well observed that some habits just need to start v slowly to have a chance.

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