Show hidden categories in reports

I think that has not sense that reports group all hidden categories in one category. 

If I have some spends many months, and then I will no have this spend in a few months, I hide this category. The reports lose his value because now I see that half of the graph is a single big category called Hidden.

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  • I agree. There's a feature request form on the home page of the forum.

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  • I agree...  It is a missing feature...  It distorts the category expenses in which they were, which I could correct exporting the report and adjusting manually...  Not having the category detail means I have to go showing one by one and adjusting, or use the Toolkit Report, which cannot be exported...   Hope this feature gets included soon...  It is a must, to better understand the info...

  • I was just analyzing my 2020 spending trends and I fully agree. The "hidden" feature should really just remove it from the budget interface, rather than reclassifying it as a whole new "hidden" category.

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  • Count me in, does not make sense to me either.

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  • I completely agree with this.  I wish hidden categories would show up in reports as their original category.  For instance, tracking expenses for my kids soccer, or ballet.  I have to budget for them during the spring and fall, but during the summer...nothing.  I hide them during those times, so they aren't cluttering my budge, but I want to be able to look at the report without needing to go unhide all these categories.  They are gone, not forgotten.

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  • Thanks for this feature request and for all the +1s. It's good for our design team to know what problem this feature would solve; appreciate the details! I've shared this feedback with them. :)

  • I agree that hidden categories should not be grouped in the reports. It's for that reason that I do not hide categories.

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