Unexpected Job Opportunity + Big Move

Hello Everyone,

I have had my dream job land in my lap, but it is going to come with a big move from California to Washington.  I am currently budgeted two months into the future with my current living expenses, but those expenses will (hopefully) all be different come September.  

How would you handle this?  Would you recall at least one of the future months funds and hold them as a buffer incase things like monthly rent/utilities goes up?  Any tips/tricks/advice from other's who have been in similar positions would be appreciated.  

I'm kinda flipping out.  This would be my biggest move since I left College.  

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  • Congrats!!!! That's so exciting!
    Moving does cost money, and it always seems to cost more than I am prepared for. But you're smart to think ahead about this.

    If you can find any local people in the area you are moving to they could be a great resource to help you figure out what expenses run in the area. There's probably a lot of good info online, too, for average costs where ever you are going to be moving to. Hopefully expenses are lower, but I know the PNW can get pretty expensive, too.
    Good luck with your move!

  • For me this is less about mechanics in YNAB and more about old fashioned belt tightening. If you're concerned expenses may be higher in the new city, I would start re-assigning all discretionary spending to a moving category and brace for impact.

  • I recently did this and am SO thankful to YNAB for getting me through. I set up a "moving expenses" goal and set it at $8000, and that was supposed to include a month of expenses(or rent at least at $1400/mo) as a buffer. TBH it wasn't nearly enough, but I definitely went a little hog wild with new stuff for my apartment and doing fun new stuff the first month in our new city.

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