Overspending on debit card affecting credit card

I overspent in my dinning out category (on my  debit card) for $10.49. When I entered the transaction it showed one of my credit cards as $4.19 underpaid. Does anyone know why this happened? 

When I covered the overspending in the dinning out category my CC corrected.

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  • Because you used your debit card, it was essentially a cash transaction so it had to be prioritized over a credit transaction in YNAB - the money was gone from your checking account so it was no longer available to be sent to your credit card company when the bill comes due. At least until you reallocated funds from another category to cover the overspending in Dining Out.

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  • Exactly as jenmas indicated, the category will be used to fund cash spending first (debit card), then it will use any remaining cash to cover credit card transactions. In this particular case, once you made the debit purchase, your category only had $6.30 available to send to the credit card to cover your other purchase. It will turn yellow to warn you that you are now over-spent in the category. If you don't cover it, the overspent will turn into debt on the credit card. Once you covered it, you were good. If you left it as overspent, you would then have to budget to your credit card payment category in the following month to rectify it. 

    This is another reason to always check your credit card account balance (left side of screen) with the payment available column (right side under your credit card). You would have seen that they were out by the $4.19 as well. You want those two numbers to be the equal and opposite of each other to remain a paid in full status. Meaning that you are not riding the credit card float and could pay off the credit card at anytime if required.

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  • Navy Blue Pegasus jenmas You are both brilliant!! That makes complete sense.... Not sure why I was so dumbfounded! Thanks so much!!

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    • Nicellla Glad it was helpful!

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