AMEX CC Balance doesn’t match statement

My AMEX CC is synced so it downloads all transactions. It’s been working fine for over a year, however now, the balance that I have showing in my statement does not match the total YNAB Shows me. 
I’ve manually been through every transaction for this month and there is nothing missing from YNAB. I don’t understand how it doesn’t match though. 

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  • When was the last time you reconciled the card?

  • The YNAB account balance should match the current (cleared) balance on the website. This is frequently NOT the statement balance.

    If this is not the case, fixing this may require an adjustment transaction. The Reconciling process makes this easy to assess.

    A separate consideration is that the CC Payment category Available (listed as a rather ambiguous "Payment" in the account register) should cover the entire account balance if you consider this to be a paid-in-full card.

    If this is not the case, you should move funds from elsewhere in the budget into the CC Payment category. If this would leave you short in other obligations, you may be riding the CC float.

  • I think this may be the same issue I'm dealing with. When it comes to importing my Amex transactions into YNAB my total balance between YNAB and Amex RARELY matches. I then have to comb through every transaction to find one or sometimes multiple transactions that, for whatever reason, didn't import.

    Another thing I notice is how the dates of transactions imported into YNAB don't match the dates in Amex. For instance, in my Amex list of transactions I could have say five transactions from June 1st, but after importing into YNAB three transactions will show up dated June 1st and two will either be before or after the 1st. This drives me absolutely insane when trying to manually reconcile. Is this a glitch, or a simple case of "that's just how it is."

    I'm not as diligent at importing as I used to be. Sometimes i'll go 2-3 months without importing, and when I finally do, voila...they're wildly mismatched and a surge of anxiety follows because now I have to spend sometime multiple hours going over everything with a fine tooth comb. Dealing with this every time i open YNAB makes want to use the program less and less. What's the deal?

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    • Mic_Deb I'm glad you spoke up! The more often you check your budget, the better and the easier that reconcilation process gets. I think of it as a checkpoint. If you reconciled last week, that's less to comb through!

      Direct Import will pull in transactions for the last 15 days. So if it's been several weeks... missing transactions are likely. You can use File-Based Importing to get things back on track, or let the reconciliation process create a balance adjustment. If you have questions with either, let me know!

    • Mic_Deb And that last question... The dates you’re seeing import into YNAB should be the “posted” date of the transaction, while some bank statements might show the “transaction” date. Is that the case for Amex?

  • Hey, thanks for responding. There's definitely a few transactions that don't make their way into YNAB after a large import, so I guess i'll have to tweak my habit of importing more often so the issue is easier to catch and fix.

    The other issue regarding the dates changing is definitely user error on my part so you can disregard. But thanks for addressing anyway. 

    • Mic_Deb Creating that routine is a practice! This article can help with tips, as you create the habit. Let us know if you have any other questions!

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      Mic_Deb being one the UK Amex is the only supported Bank/CC for YNAB that does the sync for me. I sometime see the same issue as you re dates not being aligned - I think this is an Amex bug as sometime weekend transactions get posted in Amex on the weekend and sometimes on the next working day - seems to be dependant on the merchant 

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