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Hi, I just recently got an Apple Card account and want to add it to YNAB.  How can I do this?  

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  • As of July 2020, we've learned that Apple Card transactions can only be downloaded in the Wallet app by directly exporting a monthly statement to a .CSV or .OFX file from an iPhone, or via a PDF file from their website.

    While an online dashboard is a great step, individual transaction data is not currently accessible in a way that our import partners would need. We'll continue to keep tabs on Apple's offerings, and check in with our import partners. You can reach out to our Direct Import team here for the latest news!

  • Add Account at the bottom left of the web interface.

  • Just as an FYI, you cannot link an Apple Card account to YNAB. You will have to do manual entry.

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      jenmas it does support file-based import, though - OFX or CSV format

    • srg There's also an API add-on (Apple Card for YNAB) that Works with YNAB and automates the CSV entries. :)

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    • Faness This never worked for me at all

    • Turquoise Hail You can reach out to the developer with questions! They have an email address listed in their privacy policy.

  • Is it safe to email Apple statements to that email as stated?

    • Hi Turquoise Hail !

      While we don't provide support for the add-ons created by other YNABers, our team does check that the add-ons follow our Terms of Service before being listed on that page. You can take a look there and let us know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Awesome! Thanks for the info, much appreciated

  • I won’t be getting any new credit card that doesn’t have YNAB direct support 

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  • Looks like Apple just (finally) released online access to the Apple Card ( Any idea if this will finally allow direct import?

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    • Bill Gross Oh, that's exciting news! Our import providers will certainly see if it's possible. I imagine it will be a popular request! Since it's brand new, that will take time to explore.

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  • That would be great!

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