I don't hate budgeting anymore

I have been following Dave Ramsey for over a decade. A lot of his advice resonates with me, but I have never been able to stick to his Baby Steps plan because it is so rigid and "life" kept happening. Anyway, this covid pandemic had me fed up with my "sort of/not really" budgeting plan and I decided to really commit to something. Anything. I needed to know what was going on in real time, and have the transactions import to an app automatically because my husband and I share both a checking account and the habit of forgetting things.

I tried the Ramsey app first, but my bank wasn't supported. I tried all sorts of others (Mint, etc.) and they don't support my bank either! I love my local bank and leaving them is not happening, so YNAB was my last chance. I said a little prayer and gave it a shot....it connected!!! I did a happy dance and started connecting everything else. The only one that didn't work was Capital One, which is NBD because it's just an auto loan and easy to track unlinked.

Now I can see my entire financial picture in one place. That has NEVER been possible before! My net worth was disappointing (hello there student loans), but I didn't even let it get to me because now that I KNOW, I can do something about it!

I had no idea what was going on with this "different" way of budgeting in YNAB, but I was determined to learn it so I could make this app work for me. Every time I learn something, it just CLICKS. My brain loves this. My husband loves it too because I'm not so stressed about the finances. I put the app on his phone too so he can finally understand what is going on in real time. He really appreciates the whole "budget with money you actually HAVE" concept. It seems so obvious to do it that way now, but I'm 35 years old and I never have before. 

I am a YNABer for life now...already set up my yearly subscription!

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  • Welcome to the wonderful world of YNAB budgeting!

  • Welcome!  I had a bit of background with Ramsey as well, and started doing a "modified Ramsey" budget before I found YNAB.  Now that I've been with YNAB for over a year, I can say that I'm doing better with money than I ever did before.  Using the money you have, and "It's gotta come from somewhere" concepts were the biggest keys to helping us get and stay onboard.  So obvious, yet why does nobody ever think of it?!  I used to budget with money that hadn't come in yet, and when I went over, didn't know where to pull from (other than maybe just a little further in debt to my CC...

    So much better this way.  So, welcome, and I hope you continue to have many great successes with YNAB.

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  • Welcome also, YNAB is definitely a game changer.  Our net worth has kept climbing since we started using YNAB in 2013.

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  • Don’t want to bash Dave Ramsey, but as you said life kept happening and because his program is so rigid it just wasn’t a good fit. I definitely am thankful I didn’t have any debt when the financial crisis hit, but it wasn’t a sustainable way to live life. There’s a lot of other criticisms, but in the interest of staying positive I’ll leave it that.

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