Amazon Order History Report!!!

This was posted over on the Facebook YNAB Fans group by someone (not me) but I have seen alot of people having problems with the Amazon order reconciliation so I thought I would post this here in case it didn't make it here or if you are not on that FB group. Again, not my discovery. Credit to another person (whose name I won't share because it is a private group). 

If the person who posted this on FB is also on here, please come and claim credit for this.  


As many of you know reconciling Amazon order to YNAB is a pain due to the way Amazon bills on delivery. We will put in an order into YNAB for say, $55.93 and Amazon will bill it as 3 separate orders and we then have to crawl through the orders page to find it.

Well I just discovered this link:…

I will build an order report for Excel and you can search by amount!! Very helpful for us and thought we would share.

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  • Cool!

    I've been using the Amazon gift card feature.  I have my gift card set up as an account in YNAB. Reloading the card only shows as one transfer transaction on my YNAB checking account. Then, I can track the separate charges in my "Amazon Gift Card" account. Amazon splitting up the charges in the gift card area makes it easier for me to track. For example, if I order socks (Clothing category) and dog treats (Pets category), I can categorize the charges without having to think too much. I like that level of granularity.

    Plus, if you reload from your checking/debit card, Amazon will give you a 2% bonus for free. 😄 I spend a LOT of money on Amazon, so it adds up. 

  • Thank you for sharing this! I'm in the FB group but must have missed it.  I appreciate it.

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