How to view all the text for imported transaction's Payee field?

If this has been answered elsewhere, please refer me!

I have an issue with importing transactions on my iPhone SE (the original small screen version).  Namely, how to view/edit an imported transaction name.

When I import a transaction (see Fig 1), there is a long prefix of identifier codes before I can even see who the vendor is. 

When I tap the transaction, it's still of no help in identifying the vendor (see Fig 2). The Payee field is filled with that identifier code. I don't know how to view the entire contents of that field! I want to be able to view the entire Payee text so that I can see who it is, THEN either edit the field OR select the Payee from YNAB's list.

When I press and hold on that field, a number of options pop up, but none of them are to View or Edit the text. 

My only workaround is to go to my iMac and open the transaction in my browser (and even there, the field does not expand or anything: I have to run the cursor left and right to see all the text masked by that small field). I typically edit the Payee in my iOS YNAB so it remembers the next time. That's no guarantee it will (lots of variables in this equation), but it's been my practice.

If anyone has tips or tricks for this, they are welcome!



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  • Hi Mike! brownstudy

    Currently, there isn't a way to expand the payee information on the mobile app. However, you can view that information in an expanded window on the web app. In the web app, if you click on the Payee of a transaction, there will be a "Bank Import Details" option at the bottom of the payee list. Clicking on that will show the payee as imported directly from the bank.

    You can also use the Payee Management feature to create rules for payees. That way, even if the payee includes the date or other information that isn't helpful, if it contains the word "McDonalds" YNAB will still know to change the payee to just "McDonalds" and categorize it as Dining Out.

    You can let our Product Team know you'd like to see that option brought to the mobile app by submitting a Feature Request. :)

    Let me know if you still have trouble viewing those payees in the web app!

  • Thanks very much! Never noticed that option before in the web app so i'll give it a try.

  • +1!!  Would love to have this improved.  My banks export changed and now all I see is “purchase authorized....(card number)” for every transaction.  Can’t categorize with found time when I can’t see the vendor name on my phone!  I have to open my bank app and cross reference, or use time at my desk, which is not optimal.  Thanks for any updates.

    • Powder Blue Packet I'd love it if we could take a closer look at that one—I can't promise, but there's often something we can do in this case. Could you please fill out this form, and our Direct Import team will jump in and take a look!

  • Ok I submitted.

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