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How do I customize the categories I’m following?

You can personalize the forum sections you’d like to observe. There are a few steps to take, but we’ll walk you through it!

First, visit each category that you’d like to see and click Follow:


Repeat for each category, and skip the ones you prefer to hide (p.s. you’ll see a grey dot next to ones you’ve followed). When you’re done, head over to the home page, with the "All Topics" view. Click the profile icon, and on Show followed categories for your tailored selection:


Your followed categories are remembered on an account basis. However, if you clear the cache or use a private browser window—you may need to click Show followed categories in your next session.

How do I keep track of my threads?

On the home page, you'll see an "All Topics" view. Click the profile icon to the right of that section, and choose to show or hide topics and/or categories you follow.


You can also access your personal stream by clicking on your name at the top right, then View profile, and click Stream. You’ll see any replies to topics you’ve posted in or mentions of your name.


How can I tag other users, and why?

When you tag other users, they’ll be notified in their stream (and via email if they have notifications set that way). To tag someone:

  • Type the @ symbol.

  • Start typing their name or username.

  • Select their name from the list there, and go right on typing.

How do I get notifications?

In the forum header click on your name, then on Notification settings. You'll see the option to toggle email notifications and adjust your preferences there.



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