Convert a single instance of a payee to a transfer

So in my country, the biggest bank has an awful outdated e-banking system. When you download statements all the payees are Funds-Transfer-To-Bankname no account number or payee name is provided. So we keep a manual record of who we transfer to. Unfortunately in YNAB we have to replace all the payee's with the actual name. This is giving me a huge headache because when i try to change the payee of one single line, all the payee's with that name change automatically.


I understand I can change the rule for this not to happen, but i beleive that rule is only created once I make that change right? So then I still have the issue of all tye payee's being converted. Is there any way i can create an exception, like alt+click or alt+enter when I change the name to tell ynab DO NOT convert the rest of the entries. 


I am trying to convert a transfer between two of my own accounts into a transfer, but upon doing it, it is converting all the transactions with that name, making it a real time-consuming headache to fix, which defies the whole point of using ynab....


at the moment i am just creating a duplicate transaction with the correct info and deleting the problematic one.

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  • In the future, you may wish to manually record things with the correct information up front. A subsequent import will match that transaction amount. 

    As for the existing transactions, I can't help there, sorry.

  • Sea Green Nomad said:
    Unfortunately in YNAB we have to replace all the payee's with the actual name.

     Actually, you do not have to. It's best for reports but for budgeting, it doesn't matter. I know it is still annoying and it would be better to be able to change the payee one by one.  But I thought I would mention this possibility as well.

    And manual entry before importing will solve the issue as well.

    • Ceeses Yes! This is exactly what we want to do! We want to change the payee one by one, but the problem is, when we change one payee ALL the payee's change. I just want to edit one payee :(

  • Hey Sea Green Nomad ! Are you using File-Based Importing for the first time by chance? Since all the transfers show as "Funds-Transfer-To-Bankname", that's pretty generic and our team can look into excluding that from future automatic re-naming.  I've sent you an email with a few questions to gather more details!

    As mentioned above, recording transfers prior to importing can help a lot in this scenario. That way it matches with your imported transaction (based on amount/date), and you avoid having to edit. 

    • Nicole Yes it is the first time using file based importing. I don't know what you guys mean by recording transfers prior to importing, but basically all I want to be able to do, is edit one instance of a transaction, without everything else with the same name also getting updated. YNAB used to be able to do this :(

    • Sea Green Nomad Did you see my email from a few weeks ago? I had a few questions for you about that generic payee.

      You can enter a transaction for the transfer(s) prior to importing the file, and it will match up with the one you import if the date & amounts match. Or, changing the payee a second time should stick, without impacting the others. I know the latter is not ideal though! With the details I requested, we can look into excluding the generic payee, which will help smooth out the process.

  • Nicole said:
    our team can look into excluding that from future automatic re-naming

    A better option is to give users the ability to ignore a given payee from the management interface. See YNAB4 for interface ideas.

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  • If this is just for a couple transactions, I would delete the existing transactions and enter a new transfer.

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