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So there is alot I like about YNAB, the fact I can view all my incoming and out going transactions.

I can also see the balance of my savings accounts as well as my monthly outgoing spendings.

However the whole concept of "True expenses" and been able to budget some money aside for them never seems to work for me.


Currently I have £100 in my current account yet YNAB is telling me I have £779!

As this budget is fairly new I started it in January this year because of this same problem...

I went back and deleted all the budgeted items under "True expenses" however it is still showing £779, I have no idea why.


I just want to use a budgeting app that works and I don't need a Degree in to work out..which seems to much to ask for. 

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  • TBB includes money from all your cash accounts (non credit accounts) including whatever savings you have associated with your budget (not tracking accounts).  So if there is a bunch of money that you find "extra" you put it into savings categories, examples: Car replacement, car repair, home repair, electronics replacement, income replacement, etc.

    The "true expenses" are things that happen on a regular, non monthly basis.  such as my auto insurance.  It's due every 6 months, so I take the amount they charge, divide it by 6, and save up that amount in a "Car Insurance" category.  Then when the payment comes due, there's not a mad scramble to "find" enough money to cover the payment, it's right in the category.  The only issue is making sure there's enough money in the account to cover it.  If there isn't, transfer some money from savings to checking, and send off the payment.

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  • Welcome to the YNAB party!

    The concept functions differently than most budgeting programs do, so it is not surprising that it takes a little time to wrap your head around the concept. That's totally ok! My recommendation would be to spend some time reviewing the plethora of free material that is available directly from YNAB to help you get started. They've got a whole library of videos, plus they offer free webinar classes that you can register for that help walk you through setting things up and allow you to ask questions.

    Alternatively, if you'd like more hands on help, I have assisted people in getting started before. I'm a number cruncher (which is WAY different than being good at math) and one of my jobs IRL is helping to take lots of data and make it simple. I'm happy to help you get things organized and set up to flow if you're interested, just shoot me a message.

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  • The only right TBB is $0. YNAB wants you to give every dollar a job and will patiently wait for you to do that -- even if you spend those dollars out from under its nose.

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  • I was going to say the same thing as dak. It should always be $0 as Rule 1 is Give Every Dollar a Job. Everytime you get paid, budget to $0. Your budget funds are the combination of all budgeted accounts. Put them to work. Always.

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