Credit Card Account Working Balance and Payment out of sync

I'm relatively new to YNAB and love it so far. I have several credit cards and I don't have any overspending or over budgeted items, but my payment and working balance are out of sync. 


Any ideas on how I can resolve this?

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  • Go back to June and see if some overspending snuck in there.  Or budget directly to the credit card payments line so the available bubble equals $49.71

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  • Thank you for that suggestion. I don't have any of those common errors. I've gone all the way back. I figured it out but I think there's a glitch in the system. I received a credit from my CC the day before I made a payment on my credit card. The strange behavior that I'm seeing is that if I have any kind of credit adjustments prior to a credit card payment, it doubles the amount which is what resulted in my error. I'll let you know if there are any updates after I submit this to YNAB. 


    What "fixed it" was to change the date of my adjustment to the day after the payment and everything was in balance. Is that weird or something I'm not understanding with how credit cards work in YNAB.


    So here's my error in the first pic. But when I change the date, after the 6th, it is fine. 

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      Cadet Blue Mask do you have a positive balance on the card before you reordered the transactions?

    • Cadet Blue Mask You can fudge the date if you like. If you keep the dates accurate and that makes the account positive, YNAB gives you what look like additional funds which can be used to offset the negative it also shows you (to warn of overpaying the CC). Either way works.

    • Cadet Blue Mask When the account went positive, TBB was increased. At first glance, this appears as extra money, but it is really just balancing out the negative Payment category. (You may not have looked at the category at that time, but that's why it's short now.)  

      Just budget another $4 to restore the agreement between Payment category and account balance.

    • Herman Good catch! Ok this make more sense.... So the working balance just sums my credits and debits. but the payment tells me how much I need to pay from my bank account in order to zero out the working balance. I don't need to make a $49 payment because I already have a positive $3.48 credit to work with...

      dakinemaui is that what you mean by YNAB warns of overpaying the CC?

    • Cadet Blue Mask The Payment category tells you how much you have reserved to send to the CC. That amount may or may not zero out the working balance. Paid-in-full status, by definition, means that it will.

      You do, in fact, need to make a $49 payment to be debt free. (That $49 account balance already includes the $3.48 credit.) Also, your CC Payment category needs to have $49 in the Available column if you want to send them $49.

    • dakinemaui But it never went to TBB. I made sure to categorize it as the same category as my original purchase. I made the $49 payment because I agree that the working balance includes the $3.78 credit but that then causes my payment to be out of sync... I don't see a way around messing with the dates to get around this. I pay off my balance twice through the month because I like clearing how much I have budgeted against how much I spend. 

    • Cadet Blue Mask Yes, money did go to TBB, in spite of the fact you didn't categorize it as such. It went there because the account went positive. You may benefit from making a few test transactions to see how this all works.

      In a new budget, create a new CC account, and note the new Payment category covers the debt (i.e., $0).

      Enter a credit categorized as Dining Out (or any category, really). You'll see the account balance go positive. Most importantly, you'll see the CC Payment category go negative and TBB increase. 

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  • Cadet Blue Mask said:
    I don't see a way around messing with the dates to get around this

    Again, all you need to do is add funds to the Payment category until it covers the account balance. I know it seems like you're giving up some of your money, but you're really not. Again, YNAB already gave you the funds to fix it when it increased TBB (when the account balance went positive).

    • dakinemaui ahh, wow. I didn't realize that it adds automatically to my TBB. I played around and noticed it go up. THANK YOU. 

      Rule of thumb: if after a payment, I have a positive credit, I will have to manually add it to my payment... is that correct?

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    • Cadet Blue Mask I think the better way to think of it is if the CC Payment category is red/overspent, then add funds to it. This is true throughout the budget, no matter what the category. (There are cases where you can have a credit balance but you should not budget funds to the Payment category.)

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