Is there a way to compare spending and saving between 2 years?

Once thing I miss about another aggregator / budget tool that I used to use is the ability to compare 2 years spending and save between each other. 


I gives me an idea of how my needs or habits have changed, and insight as to whether I'm doing better or worse than before. 



- "Last year you saved 10% of your take-home pay. This year you spent  20%, good job!"

- "Last year you spent $10k on electronics , this year you spent only $3k,  good job!" 

- "Last year you spent $48k on groceries , this year you spent $100k. Go on a diet or stop shopping at Whole Foods!" 


It would be great to see the values and graphed next to each other to make it easy to compare them. 


I didn't get any results for this feature when I search around the Web app's report tab, and no search results in this forum.  Am I not looking in the right place? Or would this be a feature that I need to request?

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  • If you use the Tool Kit extension you can look at different categories and at different time periods. For example you can search certain categories such as groceries for the time period of Jan - Jun 2020, or June to Oct 2019 or whatever time period you have data for.

  • Hi! The Spending Report's Trends view in YNAB would be a helpful spot to visit for comparisons, or you might check out the Budget Reports API. Note that both of these tools would simply show you data, not provide assessments/comparison statements.

    Otherwise, this would be a fantastic upgrade for the app! If you'd like, I suggest you make a Feature Request! :)

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