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Does anyone else think it would be nice to have a linked vs not-linked indicator under the account transaction pages?

YNAB was getting confused with a series of 10$ transactions from Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks app's. I had manually entered the transactions, but because the date and amount was the same, it was matching Starbucks to my Dunkin' entry and vice versa, and then getting duplicate imports for the ones it didn't think it matched. 

Would be great to quickly see at a glance which transactions have been manually entered but not linked, and have the option for a column that shows the 'Imported As' payee instead of having to hover over the individual payee. To be able to turn it on for quick reconciliation and then off when done would make account checkups way quicker, IMO.  

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  • I like this idea a lot!

    If you’d like to send this idea over to our Product team for consideration, please submit a Feature Request.

      • a_different_joel
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      • A_different_joel
      • 7 days ago
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      Matthew is it possible that YNAB support can file requests on behalf of forum user inquiries like this?

      The feature request form, it seems, likes to gather a bunch of info so YNAB can determine 'where the user is in their budgeting journey' (YNAB's wording...) which makes sense in a small subset of cases, like receipt capture in YNAB for example.  But there's another subset of features that, in my opinion, don't require such a detailed background and life story.  This request would be one, among many others I see in the forum.  Little tweaks, UI enhancements, common sense things unrelated to 'budgeting' but rather normal, expected application behavior. 

      It seems the default answer to any change is 'please submit a feature request'... and for me its like well... I mean you as a support person just read what they needed... and it makes sense... can't you just write a internal feature request for the user as a convenience without making users jump though more hoops?  An icon indicating status... does that need the entire form filled out when someone has already made the case here... maybe internally you just a link to the forum so the devs can read it... I don't know.   

      It's just rubbed me wrong for a while.  On some level I understand it, not trying to beat up on support.  Just a genuine question.

      • Vibrant
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      • vibrant
      • 7 days ago
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      It could be as simple as replacing the blue link icon with a gray one when the linked transaction is approved or manually matched, and adding the approve/link column to the show/hide toggle with the running balance.

    • Vibrant Or even just three separate icons in the existing column next to the tag column

      Stop Watch - Pending Transaction Auto-Imported

      Broken Grey Link - Manually Entered, awaiting link

      Blue Solid Link - Matched and approved (and stays in the column so you know it's been linked) 

      Would allow for a quick glance to see all matched transactions and which are awating matches 

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