Add a Hide/show option for Budget available equal zero


When consumed the total budget of a category the available became to zero. If a significant quantity of these categories are in available equal to zero, you lost the focus of what categories needs to be controlled and lost the knowledge of what budget can be move from one to another category.

I think that can be easily fixed adding a hide or show option for the budget categories that are in zero.  With this shorter list of categories you can focus easily.

Particularly this problem is worse in the Mobile App because there the category group cannot expand or contract as the web page do and then the list can create a long scroll difficult to know what is happening.

The option of Hide or Show categories available equal to zero can also be applied over category groups.

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  • I'm not sure I grasp your problem exactly. But could putting them in order of importance help at all?

    • Powder Blue Pony Thanks for your answer, Not really. That happened to me is that I have a long list of Budgets (micro budget categories). At the beginning of the month everyone has a budget value but over the time began to be consumed until get to zero then at the middle-end of the month I lost the track from the App because the zero values are more than the ones with pending with Budget.

      If I order by the moment that I expect to be consume also doesn't work for me because if you compare between month can be in different times in the month means that I will have to move the order and also disorganize the Group categories that I like who are.


      The only that I need is hide the ones that already doesn't have budget assigned, I fact you will never used anymore until you add more budget then is only distracting.


  • I have organized my budget so that all of the categories I could move money from (i.e. my routine/flexible/discretionary categories) are together in two category groups and I keep these at the top of my budget. This makes it easy to quickly see how much money is left in those categories and also where I can take from if I need to move things around a little -- especially on mobile because they are all together at the top of the list.

    I have a little lock icon in the name of the other category groups that contain my fixed expenses, true expenses, and savings funds to indicate there is no money here to take from as I budget those to exact amounts each month and rarely need to be looking at them once they are funded. Even though this goes against the priority order,  I find it more useful because I know my priorities well enough that when I am funding my budget (2x per month), I know where money needs to go -- my goals help with this as does putting the due date in category names.

    It is much more useful to me to have things organized in a way that will make it easier for me to work with throughout the entire month.

    • SpringChick I do the same, maybe the difference is that my budget categories list is long and the mobile App doesn't have the categories group as the web has.

    • Cristian Saavedra Hmmm, that would be difficult! I can see my budget categories on mobile, just cannot collapse/expand them. Maybe a difference between iOS and Android (I am on iOS)?

      I really don't use the mobile app for a lot other than checking funds as I find it very difficult to actually do things in there (i.e. move money, type, etc.). When I am in the mobile app, I try to minimize the amount of scrolling I need to do as I have, on more than one occasion, accidentally changed a budgeted number while scrolling (and not realized it until my TBB changed and then I needed to find where I messed up since there is not an undo on the mobile app).

  • Can't help with the mobile app, but the YNAB Toolkit, a 3rd party open-source browser extension, can hide zeros. There are numerous other improvements it adds, and I would not run YNAB without it. (Link is for Chrome, but Firefox is also supported.)

    • dakinemaui I used a lot It is a great project! I didn't see this future there, I know how develop software but didn't have the time yet to check the source and add It maybe I need to do it to show how easy will be if have it...


      But by another way I use more the Mobile App than the Web page, and really is only because from the mobile I cannot reconciliate the accounts

    • Cristian Saavedra sorry I missed that It already have it... I will research later I am from phone now! Thanks dakinemaui

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    • Cristian Saavedra Also of note is that it will hide empty categories from the Cover Overspending Tool.

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    • dakinemaui exactly that is that I need but in the Mobile App!

    • Cristian Saavedra It's really beyond me why YNAB have not just taken the feature set from the Toolkit to heart as suitable improvements for both web and mobile. The Feature Request form is on the main support page under Important Links (on the top right of the page). Cheers!

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    • dakinemaui Thanks again! I will request the feature. I didn't see the link before.

      I am with you, I have another post about at the accumulated subtotal by transaction, I used a lot to sync with transaction are missing. I posted years ago and the tool tip had years before I did and after almost a year of discussions was added last year. 

      If the problem is that doesn't have enough people to make the changes there are ways to solve it, for example if they give me an account without pay for life I will help glad adding development there.

      I have more than 7 years (coming from desktop version classic) using the product and I love it, but there are many things missing that exist competition that already cover the basics! For example reporting/Dashboards can be improved a lot!!! Are so basic that I had to export the data and load again in Tableau to understand what happened between the years and what I need to do to have a better plan!

    • Cristian Saavedra another one really basic is the order of transaction! I want to have the same order of my bank!!! And because use only the date and not the date time is impossible!

    • Cristian Saavedra re: transaction order... Not sure that's ever possible. I think it's best to enter manually (for many reasons), and it's anybody's guess when things will clear (and thus the bank's order).

      The default order is compliant with the US laws regarding how inflows & outflows are to be applied (revised after some shady banks did it the reverse and stuck the user with lots of overdraft fees).

    • dakinemaui really interesting discussion. Thanks again

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  • It appears as though the debits are ordered by amount, with smaller transactions on a date coming before larger transactions (this may be due to processing rules perhaps?).

    • SpringChick Exactly, and with inflows processed before that.

      • WordTenor
      • Can we agree that goals are dumb and immature? Sure.
      • WordTenor
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      dakinemaui inflows are larger transactions. ;) 

      I realize most people hate dealing with numbers on both sides of zero but being a geek I find it much more straightforward to think of the transactions as largest to smallest. A large negative number is a smaller number than a small negative number.

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    • WordTenor conciseness vs. comprehension... Know your audience. 🙂

      It's always bothered me exports (pervasive across the industry) have an outflow and inflow field -- obviously mutually exclusive. Disturbs my sense of non-redundancy.

  • In the mobile app, you can also pin categories to the top of the list. I put my most-used variable spending categories there, like gas/groceries/etc so that they're already immediately visible to check available balances. I like to "cover overspending" on the mobile app because it's so easy - since I usually only move money among those discretionary categories, they show at the top of the list in that move money tool as well.

    I put "cover overspending" in quotes because we look to see where the money will come from before making the purchase, but it's easier to enter the transaction, then let YNAB move the exact amount needed for me after the fact.

    To pin a category on mobile, tap the category, then details/activity, then the pushpin icon in the top right corner. You can rearrange the order of the pinned categories, and they will still show up in their normal places below. 

    This is a device specific setting.

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