Delete CC account and start over

Is it possible to delete credit card account ,start over and not mess anything else up?  I did something, I tried to find it now am confuse. I just want to start over. I payoff cc every month I may change it to a checking account like some others have. CC in ynab is a head ache for me. Help me start over .Thanks. 

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  • Yes, you can delete and recreate it. It won't significantly impact the budget (only returning any funds in the CC Payment category to TBB).

    I'm a fan of the checking account representation for a paid-in-full CC, but I would not recommend that unless you've gotten the CC Payment category to match the account balance with the stock handling first AND the rest of your categories have sufficient money Available. Although it won't actually show a payment category, it WILL consume $X out of your cash on hand within the budget, just as if you had budgeted it there. ($X is your account balance.)

    The reason I say this is that many people who think their CC has paid-in-full status are actually riding the CC float. I'm not saying this is necessarily the case with you, but a Payment category not equal to the account balance is a direct indication of that. So is overspending that you can't immediately cover from a green category while still being able to meet your other financial obligations. (It may not be obvious, but a checking account representation will not allow you to ride the CC float.)

    Hope it helps, and good luck!

  • I'm a big fan of credit card account as a checking account too.  This will greatly simplify things, all overspending will be red and under funded categories will be orange, no more dual use for orange.

    You do not have to delete the credit card account to start over.  What I did was create a checking account with a similar name first.  Then go to your credit card account and make sure all transactions are unhidden and then select all transactions and use the edit menu to move them to the new checking account. 

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      Thanks for making this easy! 

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