Pending transaction imports, android devices, and digital dinosaurs

To all ye present, greetings! My digital dinosaur and I both have an android device with which we do most of our YNAB tracking on. For some reason, unknowable to me, I am the only one that will actually use the computer's digital superhighway onramp for YNAB, and I only look towards sage council (at the blog/forums) when something doesn't work.

As a consequence of this, the Pending Transaction Importing feature that just rolled out (for us), came as a shock to my dinosaur and me. This new feature showed 34 transactions

The inability to interact with these duplicate entries for transactions we had recorded manually, including some transactions that had cleared in the bank, and even duplicate pending transactions caused great angst for my dinosaur and the roars of frustrations towards their robotic device were mighty. I was given a quest to "figure it out and make it work again." With great urgency, I went forth to restore tranquility to the realm. Deep behind the enemy fire-walls, I braved viruses innumerable while the routers lit up like Christmas trees as they were attacked by enemies born horseback or that burrowed beneath the surface as beings meant to feed fish.

Arriving at the foretold battlefield ( I methodically selected every transaction that had shunned our overtures on android (all the pending transactions). I then rejected each and everyone, banishing them from our sight. It seemed that I had restored tranquility to the realm.

I then sought out the sage council for ways to prevent future reoccurrence. There I discovered that to reject an import is to banish it forever, never shall it import again. Or at least that is how it was in the before times.

Will these rejected pending transaction imports return when they are real, posted, and cleared transactions? Or will I have to manually clear each entry as it posts? How can I get android to just not display them until I can interact with them?

My dinosaur is unlikely to learn new tricks.

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  • Can you please clarify what you mean when you say that you cannot interact with the pending transactions?

    • CPA Budgeter On Android devices pending transactions import but are in gray and you can't click on them to approve, match, etc. They just sit there taking up a large portion of the screen until the cleared transactions are imported and they disappear. I think it's ridiculous that a major update was recently rolled out while, in the meantime, we Android users still can't reconcile or interact with pending transactions.

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    • Periwinkle Flute oh okay, I didn’t know about that. Looking back at previous posts about this topic I can see you were already aware of this limitation on Android. Sorry you’re dealing with that frustration. 😢

  • Cohen  So sorry these pending transactions have caused some turmoil in your domain! I want to give you some answers, as well as ask a few more questions:

    • The cleared versions of those rejected pending transactions should still import and match up with any manually entered versions.
    • Unfortunately, pending transactions can't be turned off - but we can talk about some ways to manage them! Before we dive into that, can you clarify for me...
    • Are you manually entering all of your transactions prior to the pending versions importing? 
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      • Cohen
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      Rachel To my great sorrow I admit that my Digital Dinosaur is significantly more likely to manually enter a transaction. I rely on the fact that my purchases are rare and tallied against a single category.

      The original problem was that we were unable to re-authorize the connection to import transactions. During the "make it work" I first reconciled the accounts, then I unlinked them, then I re-established the connection to my financial institution (Navy Federal Credit Union). Everything seemed to be in working order as there was now a happy checkmark next to the account. It wasn't until the next morning that my dinosaur discovered new issues.

      The pending transaction import had brought over and made non-interactable (again, android) transactions that had already been cleared and reconciled, made copies of some manually entered transactions, and even had imported duplicate pending transactions that had not been manually entered.

    • Cohen Sounds like you'd be better off nixing the direct import and just using file-based every week to reconcile.  If the Digital Dinosaur is in the habit of manually inputting transactions on mobile, I think that's something to encourage and facilitate. 

      Unfortunately, YNAB's pending transactions feature seems to actively penalize users for good YNAB habits.  Since the point of using the mobile app is to easily see up-to-date category balances to inform spending, then the fact that the pending transactions misrepresent category balances through incorrect transactions (that cannot be corrected) is a big deal. 

      You wouldn't be the first to unlink accounts and choose to rely on file-based import.  Perhaps you wouldn't mind just adding 3 clicks (I think) to your reconciliation process.  You are, as you say, comfortable braving viruses innumerable while lighting up routers with horseback enemies that are giving off phosphorescence. 

      I love your descriptions, by the way. :)

    • Rachel How can you manage pending transactions on an android mobile device if you can't interact with them? And if you can't interact with them why do they appear at all?

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      • nolesrule
      • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
      • nolesrule
      • 2 mths ago
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      Periwinkle Flute that's the million dollar question.

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  • Cohen  Those imported pending transactions should match up with the manual versions that your local dinosaur is dutifully entering and not clutter up your view on Android. 🤔I wonder if your pending transactions are erroneously importing more than once. Would you be up for enabing Support Access so we could take a look at those specific transactions that didn't match as expected? Let me know when you've done that and have some examples - we'll take it to email from there!

    The good news is that our Android devs are working on making sure you are able to interact with those transactions, just as you can in the web and on IOS.

      • Cohen
      • Cohen
      • 2 mths ago
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      Marisa I have enabled support access, and there are some new examples.

      There is a 09 Sep 2021 charge for $22.11 that appears in pending transactions and in cleared transactions. Navy Federal Credit union shows that charge as cleared.

      There is a check that was written on 24 Aug 2021 for $15.00, it was manually entered the same day (payee was "Mary......") this check cleared the credit union on 08 Sep 2021 and was matched with the manual entry. It also shows in Pending transactions.

      A transaction at Walgreen's on 10 September for $57.92 appears in both Pending and Cleared and has cleared the credit union.

    • Cohen You and your dinosaur are handling this just right - there are some duplicates that are cluttering things up. I've sent you our plan of attack via email!

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