Stealing from the future issue/change?

So I'm having fun times with my budget today. My internet bill was higher than expected. It gets autopaid by credit card on ~the last day of the month. I have a recurring scheduled payment for that day, but didn't find out the bill was higher this time until today. (Yes, yes, I should have looked at the bill when they told me it wasn't available. I didn't.)

When I updated the transaction, the category appropriately showed credit overspending, and was yellow. The credit card category, however, showed a negative payment amount. I did not change any payments going to the card, so I didn't send more cash to the card than I have. I also got the red stealing from the future, alerting me to the fact that my September RTA was now lower.

My understanding was that credit overspending didn't affect the payment amount, but YNAB just wouldn't move the money from the spending category to the CC category. Since I'm PIF, this would just mean my account balance would be higher than my payment amount, but there would be no effect on my future month's RTA.

Did this change? Or is there something else going on here?

(If someone from support wants to take a look, happy to utilize that option too, if this is not expected behavior.)

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  • Never mind - I think I figured it out. My cc balance is still positive from when I accidentally overpaid it, so is behaving like cash.

    This is why you don't overpay your credit cards 😄

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  • Fuzzball Meows said:
    This is why you don't overpay your credit cards 😄

     Sums it up! 😅

    For anyone else running into this issue, you can read more here: Credit Cards with a Positive Balance. Basically, when you overpay your card, the positive balance is added to Ready to Assign, and your Credit Card Payment category likely shows the same amount as cash overspending. Move the money from Ready to Assign to your Credit Card Payment category to resolve that immediate issue, and then note that money doesn't move to your Credit Card Payment category when you use your credit card with a positive balance. Instead it is treated as the cash that it is, and is removed from your budget.

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