The YNAB Side Effects

I just wanted to pop in here and say that I've been using this for almost two months, I still don't quite "get" it - although that's coming along with experience! But in spite of that - it's absolutely working!

I can not count the number of times in the past 6 weeks where, ordinarily I'd just click "checkout" or go buy something, but instead, knowing I need to put it in my budget and/or account for that money BEFORE I spend it has given me pause.

PAUSE. And then decide not to.

I can't count the things I've then made a category for, figuring I'd save up for it, and then 3 days later looked at that and went "I don't really want that thing, what was I thinking?" and deleted the category.

This is a beautiful thing - I've never thought before spending money before!

And sometimes, while I'm sitting here looking at that thing I want to buy, I realize I can make something just as good with stuff I already have.

I'm completely loving this more thrifty and accountable side of myself. Thanks, YNAB!

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  • That's a great start. What is it you're not quite getting? Are you following the first 3 rules? Feel free to ask questions here and we might be able to help sort them out. But congrats on your initial behavior changes!

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  • It's nothing that needs a question asked at this point.  Rules 3 and 4 I have already been doing. It's rules 1 and 2 I need - and they're related. If I give every dollar a job, I won't go buying guitars unless there's a guitars category funded! It's like any new piece of software... it takes a little time to learn how to enter a transaction, that sort of thing.

    Loving this though.  😍

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  • So excited for you amazingpitbull ! It sounds like using the app not only has led to a new relationship with money, but has also inspired more creative gumption day-to-day. You're really demonstrating the difference between tracking expenses and truly budgeting by deciding how your money will work for you while being thoughtfully frugal. 🙌

    As those Qs come up, please do pop in here and let us all know how we can be helpful ok? And don't forget that our team can answer those specific budgeting questions—get in touch right from your budget! ;)

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  • amazingpitbull said:
    knowing I need to put it in my budget and/or account for that money BEFORE I spend it has given me pause.

     You are your own accountability partner!  Way to go.

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