Saving target with monthly budgeting cap

Hey team,

I feel that there is an easy way to achieve this but I am unable to set it up and now wondering if this is feasible.

Put simply, I have a saving goal let's say of £500 and I don't want to allocate more than £60 a month.

That means that even if I use all or part of it, I would want to be reminded that I need to start budgeting another £60 a month until the target is hit.

So in practice, it would look like a "Monthly Saving Builder" but with a max balance. When hit, there wouldn't be a need to budget for that category.

I'm sure I am not the only one that feel this would be helpful :D


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  • This request comes up several times a year. I even asked for a goal/target to support this thinking way back in 2016. Still waiting.

    It wouldn't hurt to put in a feature request for it.

    What I currently do is use a Savings balance target and fund the category by using the same as last month's assigned quick budget option. When it reaches the target I stop funding it.

    Unfortunately he quick budget option to reduce overfunding doesn't calculate correctly, so it ca't be used here when too much is added.

    Also, as a backstop, I also use reminders in the category name. For example:

    Household Goods - 60|360 [C]

    60 - monthly funding amount

    360 - max amount to have the category funded

    [C] - something added for quick filtering so that I can quickly find and review all my categories with a cap. I also use [S] for categories where I sweep out leftover money at the end of the month.

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    • nolesrule Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into what makes sense in my use case but I want to avoid too much manual adjustment. I appreciate you taking the time!

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      • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
      • nolesrule
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      Th3PeterPancake the way to avoid manual adjustment is going to be having YNAB implement a target type that meets the requirements. Currently, whether you use a monthly savings builder or a savings balance target, it will require manual adjustment. No way around it.

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