HELOC transfers confusing a goal I set

We have recently switched to making quarterly tax payments for independent contractor work.  As I set aside funds each month for those taxes I have been transferring it to pay down our HELOC for a few months while we wait to pay the IRS.  However, I am getting myself confused with the goal that I set for how much in taxes I want to save by tax day.   OR how much I have "saved."  Technically it is not saved but being used to pay down the debt for a few months until we pay the IRS and have the debt on our HELOC again.  But it makes sense to cut down on the interest I pay in the HELOC in the short term instead of having all the cash sitting in my checking account, right?

However, since the HELOC is a budget category like a credit card, when I transfer from the tax category to the HELOC category to cover those transfers, I am not able to see how much I budgeted to pay the taxes.

Can I hide or delete having the HELOC as a budget category?  Then a simple transfer between accounts doesn't need a category?  Do I need to go back and undo all of the "budgeted" amounts to the HELOC for the last year before I hide the category?  

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